Retail Brokerage

Our clients are our priority. 


Greek Equities

We are one of the leading brokerage firms in Greece. We offer our clients high quality services from expert and certified personnel backed by solid and robust IT infrastructure.

International Equities

Through our agreements with Global Investment Banks and International Brokers, we offer our clients access to all major stock exchanges around the world.


At NBG Securities we offer access to a large universe of ETFs Globally.

ETFs are essentially a basket of investments that trade like stocks and have the diversity of a mutual fund. They track indices on various asset classes (Bonds/ Equities/ Commodities/ Currencies) or investment styles (value/ growth/ large cap/ small caps/ dividends, sectors, countries and regions).


Our derivatives desk has ranked consistently at the very top of the local market for many consecutive years.

We provide our clients with the tools and techniques to hedge their exposure across many asset classes including Equities, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies and Rates.

We offer access to a broad array of Exchanges throughout the world, including those of Eurex, CME, CBOE, LIFFE, and ICE.

Fixed Income

We provide access to a wide range of Government and Corporate Βonds in most markets.

Our Fixed Income team has long and solid experience in credit markets monitoring daily a large number of issues.

Investment Services Agreement & Financial Instruments Risks


We are committed to providing exceptional quality services that cover our client needs.

Client Support

At NBG Securities, we place great emphasis to a prompt and holistic support of our clients.

Our client support team handles various forms of requests ranging from transaction settlement details, corporate actions, position reporting to technical support requests regarding on-line trading.

Online Services

Our Clients enjoy real time price streams, transactions confirmation through SMS or email, alerts and direct invoicing (straight-through processing).

Our trading platform is based on state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure that offers our clients instant and secure transactions. Security is enhanced by two – factor authentication.

Settlement & Custody

We offer custodian services for Greek Equities.

International Equities and Bonds custody as well as derivatives settlement is offered through NBG Bank.

Our Network

Our headquarters is in Athens and we also operate a branch in Thessaloniki and a branch in Heraklio-Crete.


We offer a selection of trading accounts to suite different investment objectives and risk appetite.

Current Accounts

Current Accounts – denominated in domestic currency (Euro)
Standard brokerage accounts facilitate cash equities trading. Transactions are settled in euro through FX transactions (if necessary). 

Current Accounts – denominated in Foreign Currencies
Standard brokerage accounts facilitate cash equities trading. Transactions are settled in account’s base currency through FX transactions (if necessary). 

Margin Accounts

Our clients can trade Greek Stocks on margin (short term or regular margin accounts) using their portfolio as collateral.